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  • Dickerson Park Zoo

  • Kansas City Zoo

  • Saint Louis Zoo
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    Dickerson Park Zoo

    More than 500 animals representing 160 species. The zoo is recognized for its successful Asian elephant, cheetah and maned wolf breeding programs.

    Located at:
    3043 North Fort,
    Springfield, MO 65803

    For more information call (417) 864-1800


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    Kansas City Zoo

    Located at:
    6800 Zoo Drive
    Kansas City, MO 64132

    200 acre home to animals such as elephants, monkeys and lions.

    For more information call (816) 513-5700


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    Saint Louis Zoo

    Located at:
    #1 Government Drive
    St. Louis, Missouri 63110

    Take a virtual tour at this zoo to see the animals.


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