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  • Binder Park Zoo
  • Detroit Zoo/Belle Isle Aquarium
  • Henson Robinson Zoo
  • John Ball Zoological Garden
  • John Ball Zoological Society
  • Potter Park Zoo
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    Located at:
    7400 Division Drive
    Battle Creek, MI 49014

    African Wild Dog, Bald Eagle, Bennett's Wallaby, Black Duiker, Black Mangabey, Bontebok, Burmese Python, Cape Barren Goose, Cinereous Vulture, Cheetah, Colobus Monkey, Common Waterbuck, Cotton Top Tamarin, East African Crowned Crane, Grant's Zebra, Greater Kudu, Green Iguana, Impala, Marabou Stork, Mexican Wolf, Mongolian Wild Horse, Ostrich, Red-Capped Mangabey, Red Kangaroo, Red Panda, Reticulated Giraffe, Roan Antelope, Saddle-Billed Stork, Snow Leopard, Thomson's Gazelle, White-Handed Gibbon fill out this zoo's population.

    For more information call (269) 979-1351


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    Located at:
    8450 West Ten Mile Rd.
    P.O. Box 39
    Royal Oak, MI 48068-0039

    Mini railroad, tram tours, picnic areas. This zoo's exhibits include the Arctic Ring of Life, Aviary, Bears, Butterfly/Hummingbird Garden, Farm Animals, Giraffe House, Great Apes, Lions, Log Cabin Learning Center, Mandrills, National Amphibian Conservation Center, Penguinarium, Rackham Memorial Fountain, Railroad, Reptiles, River Otter Building, Seals and Sea Lions, Snow Monkeys, Tigers and Zebras.

    For more information call (248) 398-0900


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    Located at:
    1300 West Fulton
    Grand Rapids, MI 49504

    Monkeys, Bongos, Komodo Dragon, Puma, Cougar, Mountain Lion and more.

    For more information call (616) 336-4300


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    Located at:
    PO Box 2506
    1300 W. Fulton
    Grand Rapids, MI 49501-2506

    Nice collection of animals in this zoo. Many community events.

    For more information call (616) 336-4301


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    Located at:
    1301 S. Pennsylvania Ave.
    Lansing, MI 48912

    Aldabra Tortoise, Arctic Fox, Bald Eagles, Big Horn Sheep, Binturongs, Black Rhinos, Bongos, Burmese Python, Camels, Caribou, Eagle Owl, Emus, Fishing Cats, Green Iguana, Green-winged Macaw, Kangaroos, King Vulture, Lemurs, Lions, Llama, Mandrills, Meerkats, Mongoose Lemur, Otters, Oryx, Ostriches, Otters, Patagonian Maras, Penguins, Pheasants, Porcupines, Red Pandas, Sicilian Burro, Snow Leopards, Spider Monkeys, Superb Starling, Tamarins, Tigers, Tufted Deer, Wolves, Yak are just some of the animals that reside in this zoo.

    For more information call (517) 483-4074


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