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Traveling is a pleasure but you enjoy your journey only if it is comfortable. The mode of travel doesnít matter but the comfort assured by your carrier for the money you pay is a matter we need to discuss. Cars rentals are used by people who donít own a car also by people who want to have risk free journey. They agree to pay the rent for the usage. Usually rental car comes up with various services and are seen near airports, tourist centers etc. Also they are arranged by various travel agencies.

Cars rentals have a competitive market and with the advent of Internet and other technologies hiring a car are far easier than traditional times. You can book a rental car through website. Now almost all competitors serve you better. Hiring a car is more convenient than using private cars, and it is a trendsetter in modern times.

The services offered by Cars rentals companies:

Chauffer service

Home Delivery

Guaranteed coach tours

Wide range to select from-small sized to luxury cars

Map options to get to your destination

Weather information on hundreds of destination

Types of insurances are available

Customer care

Points to kept in mind while hiring a rental car:

Rent is charged for a period of 24 hours, additional charges are levied for extra hours used

You can take independent insurance from an agent to cover the damage in case any accident occurs

A valid license and identity is required.

Make advance reservations during holiday periods

Inquire with your insurance provider whether insurance coverage can be extended to rental cars and what the limitations are.

Use the car according to the rental agreement

Check for comfort and safety such as passenger side airbags, anti-lock brakes etc

Car rental policies:

Age Requirements:

Minimum age qualifying to rent a car is 25 years; rental rates will be higher for renters aged below 25

Certain luxury cars are not given to young drivers.

Some tourist destinations also keep age limit

Credit Cards

Should present acceptable credit cards, with credit available.

Signature should match with the signature in the card

Accepted Credit Cards: American Express, Master Card, VISA

Debit Cards

Should check whether payment can be made using debit cards

Master Rental Agreement

Rental agreement form should be duly completed, signed and submitted to the company.

It is a contract between the company and the renter.

It should include for how many days the car is taken for rent, the location where it should be returned back etc.

The cost and charges to be paid by the renter

Maximum Rental Period: You can hire a car for a maximum of 28 days.

Minimum Rental Period: Minimum rental period is 24 hours. Even if it is used for less than 24 hours; full dayís charge has to be paid.

Driver's License Requirements

A valid international driving license should be presented.

Learnerís license or photocopies are not accepted

Rental Qualifications:

Should complete 25 years of age

Valid driving license

Primary Renter:

Primary renter is the driver mentioned in the rental agreement. He will be responsible for the vehicle.


In case the rental agreement stands cancelled, the amount needs to be paid back.

Responsibility for Rental Vehicle:

The renter is responsible for the safe return of the vehicle in he same condition when he hired it. He will be responsible for the damages caused. He may be asked to pay for damages if he is in fault. He needs incur the cost for replacing it in the same condition. If any damage is already caused to vehicle before using it, please be sure it is estimated and recorded before leaving the location.


Renter can reserve a car in advance for a particular location on a particular date and time.

All the above mentioned matters should be taken care of before renting a car by the user as well as the provider.

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